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  • Bleached
Ride Your Heart
(Dead Oceans)
It’s not hard to imagine the sister duo of Jessica and Jennifer Clavin re-defining what it means to be a teenager today, but with their debut album from their latest project Bleached, the sisters have mined emotion like it were Texas oil and paired it with melodic garage rock. The pop hooks and angelic cadences are impossibly catchy. Ride Your Heart is as much a record spinning endlessly in a teenage girl’s bedroom as it is a cracking pub standout. Bleached blends simplistic chords with surf rock back beat. Album standout “Dead In Your Head” echoes with an exacting yet faint heart. Bleached’s tight production value and fresh sentimentality have touched on a post riot-grrl genre. Three chords and an attitude have created many a legend in the music industry. Take heed, Bleached are poised to smash your radio. – M. R. Brown

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